MSEDBLOG Team: One Mississippi

We all come from different places, both geographically and metaphorically. From different corners of this state, we the editors of this site first came across each other as individual writers and educators. Eventually, we found enough in common to collaborate on an initial blog project. “Show and Tell” was a weekly chronicle encouraging Mississippi educators to share the truth about how education funding affects schools, from the inside.

The Show and Tell Blog tapped into an energy we feel is on the rise in our state- and an energy it sorely needs. Show and Tell revealed truth about our schools from within, but it also fueled an optimism inside us. Though we all travel on different journeys, we are all striving toward a better future. We are all voices telling the same Mississippi story. This is bigger than us. It’s bigger than teachers, or administrators, or writers.

So today we embark on a new mission: to shine a light on Mississippi public education from all angles, and to promote the highest quality learning experience for all Mississippi school children. We will not claim to provide the only information worthy of consideration for changing Mississippi’s educational future. But we will extend a standing invitation to work alongside any and all who share our mission. Here you will find education news from media outlets across the Magnolia State. Here you will find perspectives and original content from educators and citizens alike. Here you will find connections, ideas, and a focus on growth for Mississippi schools.

Welcome to our new home on the web, the Mississippi Education Blog.

The M.E.B. Team

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