Linton: Initiative 42: Misconceptions, Lies, and THE TRUTH

I have been asked to share my perspectives on Initiative 42. First, I am honored to have been asked since there are people who could share their insight much more eloquently. That I am a supporter of Initiative 42 is no secret. That I have been troubled by the underhanded actions of those opposed to the Initiative is also no secret. Everyone has a right to their viewpoint as well as a right to take an opposing stand, but when lies and misinformation are blatantly told as truths, the boundaries of decency and integrity are breached. It is an injustice to intentionally mislead anyone, but especially citizens who want so desperately do the right thing. How can people be expected to make the right choice when they are relentlessly subjected to misleading information that has only one purpose and that is to confuse? Unfortunately, opponents of Initiative 42 have done an excellent job confusing the public about Initiative 42. I can only hope in these last days before the November election that more people will discover the truth and take issue with those trying so desperately to destroy public education in Mississippi.

2 thoughts on “Linton: Initiative 42: Misconceptions, Lies, and THE TRUTH

  1. I live on the Gulf Coast. I saw one of our local representatives on our local news state that money would be distributed evenly. And our revenue could be sent to the poorest counties in the Delta. Insinuating that our schools would have even less money to operate if E42 passes. Is this true? I am 100% in favor of educating ALL children. But I have seen my principal struggle every year with cut backs. Having to tell assistants he can no longer keep them.

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