THINKING CONSERVATIVE: Self-Selection: The Passive Filtration of Charter School Admittance

By Clint Stroupe

Shockingly, in any public school there is always a certain percentage of students who might not want to actually be at school. I suppose, it is simply part of our human nature to desire to engage in things based upon our own choice. Getting up every morning to go to a place where someone has planned for you when you may or may not eat, talk, and work is something which is not naturally appealing. Adults, likewise, had typically rather be doing many other things than being at work for the majority of the day. The main difference between adults and children is that adults have hopefully matured to the point where they see work as a means to obtain personal satisfaction and (perhaps more commonly) to obtain money used to meet the various needs and wants for them and their family. Parents, typically being somewhat mature adults as well, usually see the point of their children going to school and putting forth the proper effort. While the child does not think far enough ahead to envision the long term rewards of education, the parent typically does and is willing to take the steps necessary to insure their children are at school participating in educational activities. But, for every general principle there are certainly exceptions and there has been and will always be a certain percentage of parents who do not encourage their children to give their maximum effort in the classroom.

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