MS Ed Blog Team: Opportunity to Participate in National Research on Teacher Evals

12026668_10207696034495715_258832376_nThe Network for Public Education has launched a research project to investigate teacher evaluations. They want to hear from educators – teachers and administrators who have been involved directly in the evaluation process over the past decade.

As part of the investigation, NPE has developed a survey. It asks detailed questions that will help in understanding and communicating to others how changes in evaluation processes are affecting our colleagues and students.

MISSISSIPPI EDUCATORS: This is an excellent opportunity to make your voices heard. There is an option to remain anonymous. There is also an option to allow yourself to be quoted in the report. You can choose what you are comfortable doing. The important thing is that Mississippi educators respond to the survey.

Of the 1700 survey responses collected so far, only 2 have come from the state of Mississippi. 

The survey will close on October 31.

NPE Teacher Evaluation Survey

Read Anthony Cody’s blog post about this project for more information. Anthony Cody is the co-founder, along with Diane Ravitch, of the Network for Public Education.


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