GULF LIVE: Arkansas principal does the ‘Nae Nae’ with students every morning before school

18969401-mmmainFor the hundreds of Mississippi school administrators who give it their all every day.  And for you.  Even if Gary Logan isn’t a Mississippian.  He’s a southerner and this is guaranteed to make you smile.

School might’ve been a whole lot more fun if you would’ve had Gary Logan as your principal.

The assistant principal at Woodrow Cummins Elementary School in Conway, Ark., welcomes students every morning with music and a dance. The man who says he’s “never had a bad day” told People that tardiness has gone way down since he implemented the early morning shuffles into the school’s routine.

“We want kids to be excited about coming to school,” Logan told People. “Our tardy rate has gone way down. The kids bug their parents, ‘C’mon, c’mon, we gotta get there.’ The kids don’t want to miss the fun.”

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