Clarion Ledger: We support Initiative 42

CLFew responsibilities are as important for our state government as providing a strong system of public education for our children. We know that unless we have a well-educated populace we will suffer from the plagues of unemployment, high crime rates, widespread poverty and a government-dependent society. There is no debate that our leaders — both Democrats and Republicans — have failed consistently at providing the level of education funding prescribed by state law. For these reasons, voters now face the question over passage of Initiative 42.

One thought on “Clarion Ledger: We support Initiative 42

  1. I am against I-42. I have a problem with the knowledge that our states budget already uses approximately 60% of the annual budget on education but the problem is about 60% of that is spent on secondary education-colleges, universities. I have been in the trenches as a public school teacher. The bulk of the education should be spent on K-12 education. This is where the foundation is built. Our family is sickened by the constant construction of these monolithic buildings named after some politician on college campuses across the state. These buildings are beautiful but what purpose do they serve? They are not classrooms, they are basically money pits after the initial construction grant. Wake up Mississippi! Appropriate the funds already allocated correctly.

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