Koonlaba: My Final Words on Initiative 42

12026668_10207696034495715_258832376_nDear Mississippians:
What happens to our children, if our public schools fail?
What happens to our communities, if our public schools fail?

I am voting for Initiative 42 because I care that all of our children are well educated and prepared for the good jobs we expect to exist in our state when they are ready for them

I am voting for Initiative 42 because I want my community to prosper from those good jobs, which will not come if our workforce isn’t sufficiently educated and trained.

I am voting for Initiative 42 because I’m tired of my state being on the bottom of every good list and at the top of every bad list. I’m fed up with making excuses because our state leaders consistently turn a deaf ear to supporting the most basic way to self improvement: a solid K-12 education.

Sure, you may hear “talk” from 42’s opponents that they are working hard to fully fund our schools. Friends, actions speak louder than words. Our Legislature passed a full-funding law in 1997 and has abided by it only twice in 18 years. How can we believe lawmakers will do anything else without Initiative 42? How fed up with being fiftieth do we have to get before we make a change? I have reached my limit. I expect better for my students and my own child. I am so fed up!

If you feel the same way, then let’s show our children we care about their future. Let’s support our communities and economic prosperity. And let’s show our elected leaders that we can make an important change, when they are unwilling to do so.

Do not be afraid of change. Do not be afraid of the leaders in Jackson. Do not be fearful of the scare tactics of the opposition. Change is progress. Remember that the constitution was amended to end slavery. The constitution was amended to give women the right to vote. Let’s amend the constitution to make education a civil right for our children.
On Nov. 3, I am voting twice: First, to amend our constitution, and second, for Initiative 42.


Amanda Koonlaba



Here is my library of Initiative 42 work. I thought I would gather it all in one place since many of my friends have been asking me about 42. This makes it easy to find.



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