Ravitch: Jeb’s Foundation for Educational Excellence Celebrates Mississippi’s Higher Standards Day After State Defeats Funding Schools

Diane RavitchThis is incredible timing. Yesterday, voters in Mississippi turned down an initiative to increase state funding for public schools. They were urged on by Governor Phil Bryant and the Republican leadership of the Legislature, who feared that the courts would tell the Legislature what to do instead of letting the Legislature under-fund the schools all on their own.

The next day, today, former Governor Jeb Bush’s former Foundation for Educational Excellence (now headed by education expert Condoleeza Rice) saluted Mississippi for raising its standards! How cynical to think that higher standards and harder tests will improve test scores. This is like telling a student who can’t clear a 4-foot bar that you will help him by raising it to 6 feet. How cynical can one be? This is a slap in the face to every parent, teacher, and student in Mississippi.

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