DEEP SOUTH DAILY: Yes, Mississippi is still fighting Brown v. Board of Education

race-mixLast week, Mississippi voters voted down a ballot initiative that would have required the legislature to fully and adequately fund the state’s public schools. In response, Betty X at the Mississippi Education Blog wrote: “Mississippi is still fighting Brown Vs. Board of Education. I repeat. Mississippi is STILL fighting Brown Vs. Board of Education. Y’all. We are still fighting Brown Vs. Board of Education.” Here’s my response.

This is not news. Anyone paying attention knows this, and has either said it before or heard it said. The fact is those who determine Mississippi’s direction don’t give a flying flip about shame. In fact, what we call shame, they call heritage. We live in different worlds, and our words mean widely different things. When those who continue to be oppressed and disenfranchised by the movers and shakers of Mississippi pay attention, think critically, and stop waiting for somebody else to bring salvation, things will begin to change.

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