Everyday Advocate: Darein Spann

11154956_863548567036681_532325828405772485_oThe Mississippi Education Blog is thankful for public school advocates today, on Thanksgiving, and every single day of the year.

Darein Spann is a Mississippi educator.  He has been a long-time advocate for Mississippi’s public schools. He is a member of the Mississippi Association of Educators and serves on the Board of Directors for the National Education Association.

Darein was nominated by someone who gave him many glowing compliments in their nomination but wishes to remain anonymous. They stated that,

Darein works tirelessly for Mississippi’s public school teachers and students. He genuinely cares about this state and has a vision for a bright future. Darein is a strong teacher, a well-respected leader, and an advocate full of faith in his mission.

Darein responded to questions from the Mississippi Education Blog about his advocacy. The answers that follow are his own inspirational words.

What are some of your frustrations or obstacles that you have met or overcome?

My obstacle has always been reaching the hard to reach students. Most of my teaching career has been teaching the not-so-motivated students. I started teaching and taught three years at an academic alternative school in Jackson.

I really thank God for that opportunity because it set me to be prepared for students who don’t care about their education. I overcame those obstacles by learning to never drop my standards.

I never settled for anything less than their best. I encouraged and motivated them to do their best. Some of them were a little harder than others, but

I vowed to never give up.

Why is public education advocacy important to you?

I have come to realize that if we don’t stand up and advocate for our profession, we are going to be doomed.

This is a noble profession

and unfortunately, everyone from all walks of life thinks they know our job and can tell us how to do it. This is a problem for me. This is why I advocate.I want those on the outside looking in to respect our profession and listen to us tell you how you can help us.

We must advocate for our rights and we must be bold and consistent about our message. This is why it’s important to me.

Please join the Mississippi Education Blog in thanking Darein for his passion, commitment, and hard work for Mississippi’s public schools. Also, let’s congratulate Darein on being recognized with this honor.


The Mississippi Education Blog  recognizes individuals who are advocating for Mississippi’s public schools. Everyday Advocate will be a weekly feature that will showcase individuals who are making a difference in Mississippi’s public schools. We hope that this feature will encourage those working to move Mississippi’s public schools out of 50th place to continue their work. We also hope that this feature will inspire others and give them the confidence to step up for Mississippi’s public school students. 

Complete the form below to nominate an advocate. The advocate will be asked three to four questions about their commitment to public education in Mississippi and be required to submit a photograph.

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