Koonlaba: What do you think about Teacher Powered Schools?

11164757_10206497932583916_3464456028614437679_nIn this post by Barnett Berry at the Center for Teaching Quality writes, “In teacher-powered schools, students are at the center of every decision. Teachers secure autonomy to make the big choices about a wide array of factors, such as the learning program, school-community partnerships, and budgeting.”

This post titled, Why teacher-powered schools are picking up momentum, highlights five emerging trends in this arena: teacher networking, powerful evidence, the failings of current reforms, parents want teachers to lead, and top performing nations invest in teacher leaders.

Take the time to read Berry’s post. I sincerely want to know what you think about this trend. What are your professional opinions about teacher-powered schools. I haven’t come to a conclusion about this yet. Maybe you can help me decide.



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