Slimantics: Phil Bryant’s Hunger Games

s_qnftm613201220140PMIt was November, and the people who run things in Mississippi, including those not working out of the offices of ALEC in D.C., were breathing a collective sigh of relief. Voters had narrowly rejected a constitutional amendment that would have forced the Legislature to fund K-12 public education in Mississippi according to its own law, passed in 1997 but achieved just twice since. 

Chastened by narrow “victory,” leadership promised to make a better effort to provide our schools with the money necessary to provide all Mississippi kids with the opportunity for a decent education. 

“We will do something!” they opaquely declared. 

It is now February, and we are getting a much clearer understanding of what that “something” will be. 

Based on Gov. Phil Bryant’s state of the state address, ideas embraced by the legislative leadership, I am reminded of a story: 

A man with a withered hand goes into a church, takes a seat and begins to pray. “Dear Lord,” he whispers, “make both my hands the same.” 

Suddenly, he begins to feel a strange sensation in his hand. 

A minute later, he leaves the church … with two withered hands. 

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