MISSISSIPPI NEWS NOW: Parents could get graded on report card if one bill passes

PEARL, MS (Mississippi News Now) –

A proposed bill could mean teachers giving parents a grade on their child’s report card.

The goal is to encourage parental involvement and accountability. Teachers say they there’s often a void they can’t fill.

“Learning starts from the time a student wakes up till the time they to go to bed,” noted kindergarten teacher Carmen Humphrey.

Humphrey doesn’t see as much success and confidence from students whose parents aren’t involved.

“Sometimes we see those students start off a little bit struggling compared to their classmates,” explained Humphrey. “Their background knowledge is not quite as high which inhibits them from becoming stronger readers.”

If House Bill 4 passes, parents would be given a grade for involvement. That would show up on the kid’s report card. Representative Gregory Holloway said it’s something districts could opt in or out of.

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