MS Ed Blog: Diane Ravitch Posts Asking for Donations to Support 42 For Better Schools

12026668_10207696034495715_258832376_nTwo days ago, Former Assistant Secretary of Education and national public education advocate Diane Ravitch picked up a blog post on Initiative 42 by Mississippi Education Blogger Amanda Koonlaba. This gave an incredible amount of national attention to the fight over education funding in this state. Now, Ravitch has blogged asking for donations to support 42 for Better Schools. Hopefully, this will help fuel our battle to improve public education in Mississippi.

In a post published this afternoon titled If You Want to Help Mississippians Who Are Fighting for Their Public Schools, Please Donate, Ravitch writes that

“The supporters of Initiative 42 are trying to get the Legislature to keep its promises. Their opponents are defending the status quo of underfunded schools, which will harm the children of the state.”

Check out her post and consider donating to this important cause.

Diane Ravitch

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