Ravitch: Mississippi Votes Against Funding Public Schools

Diane Ravitch

Act 42 failed in Mississippi. It would have required the state to fully fund public schools. The Republican legislature and governor fought it by proposing an alternative, deceptively named Act 42A, which maintains the status quo. Under the alternative, the legislature is free to spend whatever it chooses. 

When people sign on to the ideology of choice, they begin to think like consumers, not citizens. “I take care of my children, you take care of yours.” They forget about their responsibility for the children of the community and the state. They abandon any obligation to other people’s children. They forget that education is a civic responsibility and an investment in the future.

One thought on “Ravitch: Mississippi Votes Against Funding Public Schools

  1. Not surprised. The General Fund and their choices are more important. 4 more years of this type of thinking under the Phil’s administration.

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