DAILY JOURNAL: OUR OPINION: Superintendents’ decision reality of political climate

news_education_greenThe Mississippi Association of School Superintendents, a strong and consistent supporter of fully funding the Mississippi Adequate Education Program formula, has been forced to recalculate its approach to securing education funding mainly because of the political climate created in Jackson.

The association, comprised of the 144 district superintendents statewide, is historically a high-profile advocate for schools and works closely to curry legislative support, in part through its executive director, Sam Bounds.

Last week, the association said its focus during the 2016 legislative session will be on proposals that help improve student achievement.

Pushing for legislators to fully fund MAEP was not mentioned as one of the group’s legislative priorities, an unfortunate point for a group that has been passionate about supporting that cause in the past.

The main point in the remake and change of tactics is to deflect criticism of funding advocacy from legislators and others who don’t like MAEP, a formula in existence since 1997, but fully funded only twice. The formula was designed to guarantee every school district would have funding for an “adequate” education for students.

In de-emphasizing MAEP, the superintendents have produced a litany of objectives to achieve higher student achievement and other emphases spinning off that top priority.

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